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The application of magnesium alloys in automobiles can be classified into 2 categories.

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The application of magnesium alloys in automobiles can be classified into 2 categories.

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(1) shell type. Such as clutch housing, valve cover, dashboard, gearbox, crankcase, engine front cover, cylinder head, air conditioner shell, etc.

(2) scaffolds. Such as steering wheel, steering bracket, brake bracket, seat frame, car mirror bracket, distribution bracket and so on.

According to the relevant research, 60% of the fuel used in automobiles is consumed in the automobile deadweight. For every 10% reduction of the automobile deadweight, the fuel efficiency of magnesium oxide in Liaoning Province can be increased by more than 5%; for every 100 kg reduction of the automobile deadweight, the fuel consumption per 100 km can be reduced by about 0.7 L, and for every 1 L fuel saved, the CO2 emission can be reduced by 2.5 g, and the annual emission can be reduced by more than 30%. Therefore, the reduction of vehicle weight has great impact on the environment and energy, and the lightweight of vehicles becomes an inevitable trend.

Special heat Magnesium Oxide how to sell

Mobile phones and LCD screens on laptops grow in size every year, and magnesium alloys are used in their bracing frames and back shells.

Although the thermal conductivity of magnesium alloys is lower than that of aluminum alloys, it is tens of times higher than that of plastics. Therefore, magnesium alloys used in electrical products can effectively dissipate internal heat to the outside.

Magnesium alloys are used on the shell and cooling parts of high temperature computers and projectors. The use of magnesium alloy on the housing of the TV set can achieve no cooling holes.

Electromagnetic wave shielding: Magnesium alloy electromagnetic wave shielding performance than in plastic plating shielding film effect is better, therefore, the use of magnesium alloy can save electromagnetic wave shielding film plating process.

Magnesium alloys are used on parts of vibration sources such as read-out devices of hard drives. If the magnesium alloy is used on the fan blades, the vibration can be reduced to a low pitch. In addition, magnesium alloys are used on steering wheels and chairs to improve the impact absorption and lightweight of the vehicle after impact.

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