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Application level of magnesium alloys in China

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Application level of magnesium alloys in China

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Magnesium alloy is an important material in aircraft manufacture. Special high temperature magnesium oxide is widely used in the manufacture of wings and engines. At the same time, magnesium is also widely used in metal smelting. However, in China, the application level of magnesium alloy is very low, mainly in chemical enterprises, while other industries are not. Often, this leads to the current Chinese magnesium market is very small, no particularly large enterprises engaged in this industry, and in Europe and the United States, many companies will research and development of magnesium alloys and application of magnesium alloys as an important cause.

Special heat Magnesium Oxide how to sell

  At present, the development of magnesium alloys in China is at a low level because of the backwardness of aerospace industry. According to the latest survey of China Metal Industry Association, the total development capacity of magnesium alloys in 2012 is 1.125 million tons, but the profit margin is only 12%. A very low level, because for most of the European and American magnesium alloy enterprises, the average profit margin is 39%, the difference is very big, mainly because our country's development and application level is relatively low, and in the first half of 2013, the overall development of magnesium alloy in China is 6.035 million tons, profit margin is 16%, which is to a certain extent. It is shown that the profit margin of magnesium alloys in China has been improved, which is mainly due to the high-tech promotion program implemented by the state. This program has played a great role in promoting the development and application of magnesium alloys. Although magnesium alloys have made great progress, the problems still exist, which requires the establishment of unification in China. The Magnesium Enterprise Alliance has made some efforts in sales and development. Only by combining the strength of many production enterprises can we promote the development of China's magnesium alloy industry.

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