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Advantages of electrician grade Magnesium Oxide

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Advantages of electrician grade Magnesium Oxide

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Advantages of electrician grade Magnesium Oxide:

1. It has better insulation performance and electrical strength.

2. It has better thermal conductivity and can transmit the heat emitted by the electric heating wire to the metal tube.

3. It has good heat resistance and vibration resistance.

How to choose Magnesium Oxide

Disadvantages of electrical grade Magnesium Oxide:

It is easy to absorb carbon dioxide and water in the air, and slightly soluble in pure water, but after absorbing carbon dioxide, the solubility increases rapidly, and reacts with water to form magnesium hydroxide, which makes the insulation resistance drop rapidly. Therefore, the insulation performance of the electric heat pipe filled with magnesium oxide decreases when it is stored and used, resulting in electric breakdown and damage of the electric heat pipe. This will fill the root cause of the long service life of the electric heating tube with Magnesium Oxide raw materials.

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