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Special high temperature electrical grade Magnesium Oxide JS-H7

Special high temperature electrical grade Magnesium Oxide JS-H7

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This product is a series of high temperature magnesium oxide powder without silicon or light silicon surface treatment. It contains four grades A, B, C and D. It is suitable for making air-fired electric heating components with different working loads. It can withstand high temperature heat treatment (such as annealing at 1050 C). It has no moisture-proof ability. After heat treatment, it should be sealed in time and effectively.

Type: special high temperature electrical grade Magnesium Oxide H series

Characteristics and uses:

H series is a light silicone oil or non-silicone oil surface treatment products, divided into four grades of specifications, suitable for high-temperature air-fired electric heating components manufacturing, can withstand high-temperature heat treatment (such as annealing at 1050 ~C), do not have moisture-proof ability, heat treatment after timely and effective sealing.

It is suitable for various heating pipes, such as air conditioning tube, water heater tube, single head tube, oven tube, mosquito repellent incense tube and so on.

Main chemical components:


Mesh size distribution:


Note: + 425 m and - 45 m contents will be strictly controlled within the prescribed range, in order to obtain the required compaction and flow rate, the content of other items may exceed the above range. (special requirements can be produced according to customer needs)

Flow density and density:

The density of compaction is T.D. (g/cm3): 2.30-2.45 g/cm3.

Flow velocity (F.T. s/100g): 35 + 4

Flow rate (F.R. s/100g): 175 + 20


25KG cartons, woven bags, 1 tons of pallets or packaging according to customer requirements.

Safety and storage:

Electrotechnical grade magnesia powder is non-toxic and has trace dust. It is recommended to wear masks and gloves during use. The product should be stored in dry place, and it is recommended to be used within 12 months after the factory is released.

Leakage current VS pipe surface load


Power load (W/cm2)

Test conditions:

Tube: Incoloy840, Phi 8 x 0.5, L500 wire: Ni80Cr20, Phi 0.35, wire coil 2.3.

Shrinkage tube: Phi 8 to Phi 6.6mm heating length: 450 + 10mm heat treatment: 1050 C /15Min

Note: the chart shows that the typical value of the product under the specified test conditions is L/C for reference only.


Special high temperature electrical grade Magnesium Oxide H series products:

Special High Temperature Electrical Magnesium Oxide H Series Products are the latest special high temperature Magnesium Oxide products developed and produced by our company. Through nearly four years of market launch, they have won unanimous recognition and praise from high temperature electric heat pipe customers at home and abroad. They are divided into four grades of A B C D, and are suitable for all air-fired electric heating components under 1200 degrees of high temperature. It can withstand high temperature heat treatment (e. g. annealing at 1050 C). The product is made of high quality fused magnesia as raw material and absorbed foreign advanced processing technology. Compared with domestic ordinary high temperature electricians and magnesium oxide products, it has the following quality advantages:

1) magnetic content is low:

Domestic manufacturers are mostly between 200 ppm and 600 ppm, and our special high-temperature electrical grade magnesium oxide H series products are less than 60 ppm; lower magnetic content is conducive to improving the working life of the electric heat pipe, experimental verification can increase more than 20%.

2) lower moisture content (LOI):

Namely, the low moisture content of domestic ordinary products are generally (> 0.08%), or even higher (above 0.1%), and special high-temperature electrical magnesia H series is only less than 0.04%. This index is advantageous to the moisture discharge treatment of the electric heating element. For the long tube, it is easy to discharge moisture and avoid the expansion of the tube in heat treatment.

3) lower hydration rate:

The lower the hydration rate of Magnesium Oxide, the lower the hygroscopicity of Magnesium Oxide, so that the moisture absorption rate of Magnesium Oxide is slower.

4) lower sintering index:

It is shown in the electric heat pipe that the bending high voltage recession degree is small (compared with ordinary products), is conducive to improving the voltage strength of the electric heat element.

5) no organic impurities:

It can avoid the organic blackening in the heat treatment process caused by the organic impurities that may be entrapped in magnesium oxide.

6) better electrical performance:

Overall, compared with the same grade of products, this product is superior in electrical performance; in the application of more than 2.5 meters long tube, the test data is more effective, insulation resistance, voltage strength has been significantly improved year-on-year.

7) the product is uniform in color, beautiful in appearance and small in dust, which is beneficial to improving the environment of adding powder.

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