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Harina de hierrohpps

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How much is the Liaoning Magnesium Oxide?

Type: iron plate powder JS-HPPG

Characteristics and uses:

JS-HPPG is a moisture-proof electrical magnesia, suitable for such as electrothermal iron pan (trough) hydraulic molding of electric heating components, commonly known as iron powder. Liaoning Magnesium Oxide how much a ton has a strong moisture-proof ability, can be wrapped in electric wire oil to press into any shape or directly into the metal tank, forming after 200 ~ 400 (?) / 2 ~ 4 hours of drying.

Main chemical components:


Mesh size distribution:

2 (2).png

Note: + 425 m and - 45 m contents will be strictly controlled within the prescribed range, in order to obtain the required compaction and flow rate, the content of other items may exceed the above range. (special requirements can be produced according to customer needs)

Flow density and density:

Compaction density T.D. (g/cm3): greater than or equal to 2.30 g/cm3


25KG cartons, woven bags, 1 tons of pallets or packaging according to customer requirements.

Safety and storage:

Electrotechnical grade magnesia powder is non-toxic and has trace dust. It is recommended to wear masks and gloves during use. The product should be stored in dry place, and it is recommended to be used within 12 months after the factory is released.

Leakage current VS pipe surface load


Test conditions:

Tube: SUS304, Phi 8 x 0.5, L500 wire: 0Cr25AL15, 0.35mm, wire coil 2.3mm

Shrinkage: 8.0 6.6 mm heating length: 450 + 10 mm drying treatment: 800 / 0.5 Hr, power on time: 30 min

Note: the chart shows that the typical value of the product under the specified test conditions is L/C for reference only.


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