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Fire-resistant cable grade magnesium oxide KF

Fire-resistant cable grade magnesium oxide KF

  • Taxonomy:Fireproof cable grade magnesium oxide KF series

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  • Date of release:2020/03/20
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Fire-resistant cable grade magnesium oxide JS-KF, also known as magnesium oxide for fire-resistant cables (mine cables), is the opportunity for our company and Dalian University of Technology to make full use of industry-university-research opportunities. Filling material, the product has excellent electrical properties and thermal conductivity, can withstand up to 1400 ℃ high temperature long-term flame damage test, is widely used in various rigid fire-resistant cables, this fire-resistant cable-grade magnesium oxide has advanced comprehensive properties and high product density With strong fluidity, it can improve the filling effect of the cable and can withstand the maximum electrical breakdown strength of 7500V / 10 minutes. It has applied for 5 national invention patents, and the year-on-year effect has reached the domestic leading level.


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